How to Buy Cheap Stock Photos for Your Website

Typing any keyword on Google and grabbing the images that are appropriate for your project is a good idea if you want to face a lawsuit. Artists and photographers today are getting savvier in protecting their rights. One copyrighted picture in your blog can lead to a big bill through the post any day. You may think that it’s unlikely to happen, but it could! In this case, it is better to buy cheap stock photos here to dodge the bullet.

Where can you buy cheap stock photos?

buying-cheap-stock-photosYou can purchase cheap stock photos from a microstock agency. Typically, you buy credits rather than purchasing individual images. You then use that credit to purchase the images you want. For instance, one image costs 3 credits. You can use the credits to choose any image in any size you need. Some microstock agencies offer larger images for a higher cost. But, others offer images of any size for the same rate.

Why use cheap stock photos?

When you buy cheap stock photos, there are certain restrictions you have to follow. They usually cover the way you intend to use the image you buy. As you would expect, you cannot resell the image and claim it as your own. You can, however, use it as part of a larger project. There are also specifications on how many copies you can make – depending on the type of license you purchase the image with. Most of all, you cannot use the images with model and property releases to depict sexual, political and religious matters.

Despite these restrictions, it is still best to purchase cheap stock photos because of the protection they come with. You do not have to worry about facing a big bill from a copyright lawsuit once you use images on the front page of your blog. In case you get in trouble, you have a document to show that you purchased the rights to that image. As long as you adhere to the restrictions stipulated in the license agreement, you don’t have to think about the copyright police chasing your back.

Free sites exist, but they do not offer a guarantee of legitimacy. When you buy cheap stock photos, you can be protected from legal issues that may arise in the future. You do not want to pay for a large bill just because you want to save a few dollars, do you? And besides, microstock photos are not expensive. They can range from $1 to $15 each. When you subscribe to a plan or purchase a larger credit pack, you can even buy them for a less than a dollar in some stock sites.

Before download a free photo and use it on your website, ask yourself: Are you sure you want to take the risk of paying thousands of dollars just to save a few?

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