Video Footage Sale: The Shutterstock Coupon Won’t Be Here Forever

shutterstock300widthWhen people think of stock photos, they often picture a low-quality, cliché image that they see everywhere. An iconic theme that everyone has seen before is the cliché of a businessman walking on a tightrope. Stock marketing agencies have worked tirelessly in the last 10 years to shake off that stereotype. For the most part, they’ve done a good job.

Many review sites will tell you which stock photo agencies are the best. However, just like many competing businesses, microstock agencies are not created equal. There’s this belief that microstock agencies stock nothing but images. If you were to look between the lines, you would find that some of them also stock videos. Shutterstock is one of them.

What Makes Shutterstock so Special?

On the surface, Shutterstock appears to be another stock agency competing among a sea of others. However, if you were to look between the lines, you’d noticed that they also offer stock video footage. This offering has earned Shutterstock a much larger audience (check their coupon code for 2016 here) than they would otherwise get if they offered photos alone.

The Value of Stock Video

Without stock video, you would be forced to shoot your own. My question for you is this. Why would you want to? Your time is far more valuable than this. The benefit is not worth the expense. Just to shoot your video, you would need your own video camera. Sometimes, modern smartphones can suffice. However, you will still need to edit the video for sound, lighting, and the insertion of engaging elements. Even if you have the talent, it takes time away from your job as a marketer.

Engaging elements are the parts of the video that serve to engage the customer. They can be little tidbits of video to act as a transition from one scene to the next. It can be between your title introduction and the bulk of the video. Stock video footage can mean the difference between your videos looking like they were shot by a high schooler, and your videos appearing as if you care about your audience enough to give them a pleasurable experience. As the name implies, engaging elements are the pieces of video footage you insert in your videos to keep your viewers engaged.

The Shutterstock Coupon


There is a general consensus that stock images are expensive. As stock videos spike in popularity, the same reputation will carry-over. They may be expensive, but the value far outweighs the cost.

Right now, Shutterstock is offering a limited-time coupon that gives you a 15 percent discount on all their stock videos. Before the end of the year, Shutterstock may take the coupon down. The value of this coupon extends beyond the immediate next couple of days. By taking advantage of the 15 percent discount now, you will have video credits added to your account. When you’re ready, you can choose your videos. You’re not being forced to choose videos right here and right now. This means that as you enter the new year, your video stock needs will have been met. This is Shutterstock’s way of giving you the opportunity to knock one more task off your to-do list.

Holiday Marketing and Beyond


In your marketing efforts this year, how many videos have you utilized? If you haven’t used videos yet, you will next year. Video marketing is huge. The holidays are a time to put your best foot forward and create a festive experience for your potential customers.

The Popularity of Videos

2015 was seen as the year of videos. This claim will only become truer and more relevant as time goes on. More videos will be used in 2016 than in 2015. More people are watching more videos on mobile devices and spending less time on laptops and desktops.

Laptops and desktops have cemented themselves as permanent business tools. They are not going anywhere and anytime soon. However, consumers don’t use laptops and desktops to spend their time online. They’re using mobile devices. Honestly, nobody wants to read an article on a mobile device with a 3.5-inch screen. Videos, however, are a different story.

Videos Are Set to Surpass Articles

I’ll be the first one to say that the written word is not going anywhere anytime soon. In other words, videos are not set to replace articles. However, they are on the path to surpass article usage. Content marketing is shifting away from articles and blog posts two videos and video posts.

Articles may have their place. However, a larger part of the online audience are using videos to gather information online, find whatever it is they’re searching for and learn new things. In fact, videos are becoming the primary method utilized online to teach people, convey information and to reach new audiences. Even Facebook – with their new set of video tools – has realized this and is now becoming a major competitor against YouTube.

Spread the Word


More and more people are using videos to convey information online. At the same time, more and more people are using videos to gather information online. If you want to reach more audiences, stay relevant to your industry, and reach new heights with your business, start using videos. Spread the word.

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