Why Should You Purchase Alamy Stock?

alamyA number of stock photo agencies are flooding the market. Each of them offers tempting features and plans that you can take anytime. So, what makes Alamy stock different than all of them? The stock site has a massive collection and tools to help users complete their project and educate them as well. Here is a short list of why graphic designers, bloggers and businesses like you should choose Alamy over other stock photo agencies.

  • Compelling Imagery. Alamy stock provides a compelling way for you to create amazing designs for advertising and promotional materials. It gives you access to over 65 million of high quality stock images from all around the globe. You can purchase and download the images individually, saving you from hefty subscription plan prices and other hidden fees.
  • Budget Friendly. Since Alamy does not require you to register or purchase any subscription plan, you can purchase the image in a much lower price. While this may be a bad option for people who needs more images in a regular basis, this is perfect for those who only require a handful. Alamy stock provides an inexpensive alternative to hiring a professional photographer as well.

  • alamy-imagesQuality Images. 
    Most stock photo sites’ reputation is based on the quality of the photos they sell. The world’s largest stock photo collection does not disappoint too. It offers millions of high quality stock images for every budget and project. The images are pre-screened for content, quality and uniqueness. With Alamy, you can be sure that you are getting quality images for your creative projects.
  • Time Savings. Like most stock photo agencies, Alamy stock offers time savings to designers, bloggers and businesses. A photoshoot of even the simplest requires a lot of time, effort and, of course, money. Most times, it does not make sense to conduct one at all. Whatever you are looking for, Alamy’s massive collection will surely get you covered. This will help you cut time and budget, which you can spend on other important things.
  • Innovative. The stock photo website is also innovative. It consistently looks for ways to develop its website to improve user experience. In fact, the current website has successfully incorporated some key features that is useful for bloggers, web designers and one-time purchasers. It has also released an iPad app that opens up opportunities in the microstock market.

The list of reasons can go on and on. Alamy does not only sell stock images, but also educates their users through their website tools. The stock site helps you with using tools effectively. It also supports your need for communication and understanding through the stock photo glossary. Moreover, you can take image sizing and resolution lessons to help you get the perfect size and resolution for your projects.

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